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Company Profile

Knight Entertainment is the one and only production industry from the soil of Barak Valley produced different TV Show with its own setup for different private TV channels of of North East India. It was founded in the year 2003 by Anupam Mandal when he was an HS 1st year (Arts) student of Gurucharan College, Silchar. The first TV show of Knight Entertainment was “Public Masti” aired by UCN (United Cable Network), Silchar. Public Masti was the one and only entertainment TV show ever produced from Silchar. The same TV show was aired by NE Television the first satellite TV channel of North East India in the year 2005. Next time the same TV show was aired by NE Hi-fi the first entertainment TV channel of North East India. It was one of the most popular TV show both for NE TV and NE Fi-fi. Our second TV show was “Our Campus” aired by NE Hi-fi. There are several other upcoming TV under pipeline. We are the one and only production industry from Silchar Introduced nonlenier editing system and 3CCD camera in Silchar. Comissioned producer of Duradarshan come here for pre-production and post-production.

Our Achivement

Our greater achievement is the place where we are today. We have introduced 3CCD camcorder and Non-lenier editing system for the first time in Barak Valley. We have produced TV Show for satellite TV channels which was never happened in the soil of Barak Valley. Now we are providing World Wide Web service to different Newspapers and several govt, private and public sectors of the country.

Board of Directors

Anupam Mandal MMC

Anupam Mandal is the founder of Knight Entertainment a production industry from the soil of Silchar. It was his dream to create job himself from his childhood. He put his step in field of electronic media sector not as a profession but as his hoby. Hulimately he took his field of interest as a profession. He produced his first TV show was “Public Masti” when he was a student of HS 1st year (Arts) in Gurucharan College. He joined NE Television as a Producer Director in the year 2005 when he was just a student of TDC Part-II in Gurucharan College. He produced several other TV show for different satellite TV Channels of North East India. As an editor he expert in graphics designs and non-lenier editing especially Adobe Premier, FCP, and Leitch Velocity, after effects, Apple Motion. He has done Master Degree in Mass Communication from Assam University.